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I never expected it to be as different as it is.

Why is living in England so much different now than it was 6 years ago, when i have lived here my whole life you may ask? let me tell you. Since moving back to England I have noticed a few things that really get under my skin. In America, the houses are so much bigger, … Continue reading

Getting a puppy.

So, as well as moving around the world and having a few children we also love our animals. But sadly, leaving Alaska, we had to leave our most beloved dogs behind, Darlah and Louie. Our reasons behind this are because their health wouldn’t have allowed them to fly comfortably, and I wasn’t 100% sure that … Continue reading

Moving back to England

Moving back home was the happiest I have felt in a long time. I really struggled with who I was and what I was turning into, Being in America and away from everything I knew. Raising little humans in a different country, without a support system, I lost myself. I lost the fun, outgoing, willing … Continue reading

The departure gate

Walking through the departure gate with my then six month old daughter and my newly military husband, with my family standing, waving goodbye was the single most hardest thing I have ever had to do. A little back story. I met my husband in 2011 after he walked into the pub I worked at in … Continue reading

Our short time in Alaska.

Well, where to start. We drove from South Dakota to Alaska going through Montana, Canada and then finally through Alaska. I am so glad we did that road trip. It was absolutely unforgettable. We drove 6 days driving between 6 to 8 hours a day. I tend to get sleepy after a while and travelling … Continue reading


Photo taken by myself at The North Shore. After 2 long flights, we made it to Hawaii. When I think about Hawaii I have visions of hula girls greeting us at the airport with leys (the flower necklaces you see people being given on TV) but that is far from the truth. Nothing is ever … Continue reading

South dakota

That time arrived again, it was time to move onto my husbands next duty station and this time we were heading to South Dakota. We got a flight from Honolulu to LAX. We had actually decided we wanted to do a road trip from LAX to South Dakota. On our way there we stopped in … Continue reading

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